Title Tag Checkers & Generators? Do it Yourself Instead!

Looking for those blog title tag checkers and generators on the web? Instead of relying on those websites, here’s how to do it yourself instead.

So, how do I do it?

It’s pretty simple. Open up Notepad, and type up the title, along with your website’s name.

For this example, we’re going to assume you’re writing a blog about making coffee for beginners, on your blog being named “Coffee Labs“:

As you can see on the bottom of the screenshot, if your cursor/selector(the blinking | thing) is on the rightmost of the title, you can pretty much see how many characters you have on your title.

In this case, since the cursor is on Column 63, it pretty much means that your title has 62 characters. Just subtract 1 off the column.

Take note: As much as possible keep your titles around 50-55 characters, with a maximum of 60 characters.

Since 63 is above 60 characters, chances are, your title is going to be cut off on Google’s search results, which is something you wouldn’t want.

When blog post titles are cut on Google search results, it will appear like so:

How to Make Cheap And Great Coffee for Beginners – Coffee La..

Which is something you wouldn’t want, for aesthetic and readability reasons.

How do I fix it?

You’re going to have two choices.

First off, like on our example, the preferred format of blog post title tags are [Post Title] – [Blog Name].

Now, you could either shorten your post title, making it “How to Make Cheap And Great Coffee for Beginners“, or you could also simply remove the blog name instead. Ending you up with two options:

  • How to Make Cheap Coffee for Beginners – Coffee Labs – 52 characters ✔️
  • How to Make Cheap And Great Coffee for Beginners – 48 characters ✔️

Which option you should go with will completely depend on the post title, though mostly we prefer choosing the first option, leaving in the blog name.

The alternatives

If you’re using an Apple device running OS X, you can instead use the Pages app.

  1. Open up the Pages app.
  2. Type in your title.
  3. Click on the View menu icon, and click on Show Character Count. The number of characters will then be displayed.

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