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Is Wix Actually Good for Blogging?


If you’re interested in creating your own blog, regardless if you just want a blog as a hobby, or if you want to hopefully earn passive income in the future, you’ve probably already come across Wix.

With that said, is Wix a good platform for running a blog?

The Answer.

In our opinion, yes. Wix is pretty decent. But is it the best? Definitely not. Actually, it’s far from the best. While Wix works fine, it’s simply heavily lacking too much in terms of features compared to WordPress.

Right now, WordPress is simply really far ahead of all it’s competitors in terms of features, plugin support, theme support, and in every other category. WordPress simply does everything better.

Not convinced? Let’s get into the details.

The Pricing.

Is Wix worth the money? Let’s compare the pricing of both Wix, and WordPress.

Wix (Basic)Wix (Unlimited)Wix (VIP)WordPress (Bluehost)
AdsWix AdsNo AdsNo AdsNo ads
Themes700+700+700+Too many to count
Plugins/Apps555555Too many to count

As you can see, while WordPress(through Bluehost) is the cheapest, it’s actually superior in every single category.

Friendly disclosure: we receive a commission from Bluehost when you use our affiliate link. This helps us keep this site up and running.

Even the most expensive Wix plan, the VIP plan which costs a very steep price of $24.50 a month, doesn’t even come close to the cheapest WordPress plan. WordPress is simply far better and far more affordable.


This is where Wix comes ahead slightly. WordPress has a learning curve that can be slightly more complicated compared to Wix.

With that said, I can say with confidence that WordPress isn’t hard to use. WordPress can just be slightly overwhelming at first due to the number of settings and customization.

After a day or two though, or even just in a few hours for the more tech-savvy folks, it’s highly likely for a beginner to easily understand how the WordPress platform works in no time.

Features & Customizability.

To be honest, though Wix has very little support with themes and plugins compared to WordPress, Wix has decent customizability.

One thing’s for sure though, while you continue to grow your blog, you will immediately realize how underwhelming Wix is in terms of plugin and theme support, that it’s highly likely for you to migrate to WordPress in the future, which can be a huge hassle.

Don’t make the same mistake as most beginner bloggers do and pick the “easier” platform. Go straight to the better platform, WordPress.

“Should I use WordPress or Wix?”

Use WordPress if:

  • You want affordability.
  • You want customizability.
  • You want to take blogging seriously.
  • You want a better overall blogging platform in general.

Use Wix if:

  • You want your blog to fail. Kidding. But seriously, don’t.

Final Thoughts.

Did you know? Based on Kinsta’s Market Share Statistics, WordPress runs 35% of all websites, whereas Wix only runs 1.3% of all websites.

And yes, even this site you’re currently in, Project Midas, and all the other blogs we run, run on the WordPress platform.

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