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Is Squarespace a Good Blogging Platform?

If you’ve heard of Squarespace, chances are, you’ve either been doing research on website builders, or you’ve probably seed those Squarespace sponsored ads on YouTube.

Regardless, if you’ve been thinking of creating your own blog for some sweet passive income, we got you covered.

Is Squarespace good for blogging? The quick answer.

Though Squarespace might suffice for blogging, no. Simply due to the fact that Squarespace templates and Squarespace, in general, is more focused towards eCommerce and personal websites.

Not only that, but the basic plans of Squarespace are also simply too limited. To get at least close to the features and customization of the better blogging platforms, you’d need to pay more. And even if you’re willing to pay big bucks for a Squarespace blog, we still wouldn’t suggest it for reasons we will discuss shortly.

What platform should I use instead?

Two words: Word. Press.

WordPress is simply the far more dominant platform, not only compared to Squarespace, but also other well-known platforms such as Blogger, Wix, and Weebly.

Based on Kinsta’s Market Share Statistics, WordPress runs 35% of all websites, whereas Squarespace only runs 1.5% of all websites. Quite a huge difference. That enough should be enough proof that WordPress is simply the better platform as WordPress’ market share wouldn’t be that high for no reason.

But if you’re not convinced, let’s dig deeper.

Why is WordPress better than Squarespace?

The Pricing.

Squarespace’s cheapest tier, the personal plan, is priced at $12 per month, and you won’t even have complete customization. For better customization, you’d have to pay their business plan, which is $18 per month. Quite expensive for a blog if you ask me.

WordPress on the other hand, with hosting providers like Bluehost, you’re only going to need to pay a cheap price of $3.95 a month. And with that $3.95 plan, everything is pretty much unlocked. No need to upgrade to a more expensive plan to unlock more features. You’re only going to need to upgrade to a better plan once your blog is receiving millions and millions of traffic.

Friendly disclosure: we receive a commission from Bluehost when you use our affiliate link. This helps us keep this site up and running.

Right now, all of our blogs are still running on the bare-minimum WordPress plans, and they’re still working great after a good number of years and we’re yet to need to upgrade our bare-minimum plan.

The Plugins.

While you might not realize it immediately at the start of your blogging journey, you’re going to quickly realize that plugins are so important as you grow your blog.

Squarespace’s plugins and extensions are probably not even in the hundreds, whereas WordPress has hundreds and thousands of plugins ready for you to be installed. Screw the price difference, this factor is the most important factor in our opinion. WordPress’s plugins and extensions just make blogging a lot easier as you wouldn’t need to have any coding/programming knowledge.

The Themes.

ThemeForest themes

While Squarespace’s themes also look decent, your choices are going to be severely limited. If none of Squarespace’s themes fit your blog, well, you’re out of options.

As for WordPress’s themes, there are hundreds and thousands of free and premium WordPress themes built-in on WordPress’s themes list, and that’s not all, you can download free and premium themes outside of WordPress too— on great platforms like ThemeForest.

To be honest though, while premium paid themes might put you off, the free themes are honestly going to be enough. Just grab premium themes once your blog starts gaining traction. Also, it’s not like the premium themes are expensive though, great once can be as low as $20.

The Resale Value.

If one day you planned on selling your blog instead, maybe because you don’t have the time to grow it more or maybe because you’d like to focus on another blog instead, people are going to simply pay more for a WordPress blog compared to a blog from other platforms like Squarespace, Blogger, Wix, and Weebly.

Why? Solely due to the reason that most bloggers use WordPress. WordPress is simply the platform that most if not all people prefer using due to the reasons stated earlier.

Yes, technically they could transfer all the contents of your blog from these alternative platforms to a new WordPress instance, but it’s going to be a complete pain in the arse to do so that they’re going to pay you for cheaper prices due to the huge hassle.

Final Thoughts.

Lastly, we apologize if we sound too preachy for WordPress that it actually seemed like were affiliated with WordPress.

Well, though we wish we were affiliated with WordPress, sadly, we’re not.

Heck, Squarespace has a great affiliate program we could definitely take advantage of, but we didn’t. We really wouldn’t want to advertise a platform we don’t use, that would be too indecent. Wouldn’t it?

The sole reason we shill WordPress to people so much i simply because it’s great, and it’s the platform we use on all our blogs and websites.

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