How to Actually Make a Living Off Blogging

Having a passive income stream is definitely a very attractive source of money to have, regardless of where that income source would come from. May it be from an eCommerce store, a YouTube channel, or a blog.

With that said, if you actually want your blog to be successful and make it a steady passive income source, here are some tips.

Just do it. NOW.

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If you’ve been thinking of starting a blog for weeks and months already, seriously. Just start now.

While doing research first before actually executing your plans definitely helps a lot, especially with important things like deciding what your blog’s niche will be, doing research alone will never get to where you want to be.

“But what if I fail?”
“What if my blog never gains traffic?”

F*ck it. Start your blog anyway. Doubting yourself won’t really get you anywhere.

Reading articles and doing research on blogging is great and all that, but the knowledge you’re going to get from actually doing the blogging is far greater than the knowledge you’re getting solely from reading.

Knowing how cheap it is to start a blog nowadays, you’re paying what? A very small amount of $50 a year for your blog’s hosting fees for a ton of knowledge and experience regardless of your blog actually becomes successful or not.

Take. It. Seriously.


If you want your blog to actually be successful and earn you a decent amount of money on the daily, maybe take it a bit more seriously.

With a lot of people, due to blogging being a long-term play whereas you really wouldn’t expect to earn money in the first few months, a lot of people immediately lose the determination and will power to continue growing their blog.

We get it. We occasionally have bad days too whereas we lose the determination to growing our websites and instead spend the whole day watching YouTube and playing video games.

While that’s definitely not ideal, it’s really not that bad to take 1-day breaks from time to time.

Unfortunately, some people take it too far and instead just work on their blog when they feel like it. Some even going as far as only doing one blog post per week.

Not seeing any good results on your blog? Guess what. You could be earning money from your blog right now while you’re traveling or just playing video games, but you’re not because you only work on your not-yet-successful blog whenever you feel like it. Being lazy in working on your blog will just further delay the results.

Use laziness to your advantage.

You being lazy instead of doing something productive.

Wait, what did you just say? You’re lazy? Congratulations, you’re just like most of us. You’re really not that different.

Do it like some of us lazy people are doing it. We’re so lazy that we’d rather die than to spend our whole life working in those office desk jobs. So what do we do? We start and grow blogs to hopefully give us a steady source of passive income, so we wouldn’t need to work our butts 8 hours a day and 6 days a week.

Remember, passive income is our goal here. In summary, passive income is only having to do little to no work daily, but you get paid anyway. Sounds great, isn’t it?

Use your laziness to your advantage. Instead of being so lazy that you don’t want to start working on a new project, use your laziness to get work done right now so you wouldn’t need to work for your notoriously moody boss until your retirement.

Tell people about it.

You telling your friend about this blog you’re working in.

Tell some of your friends and family about the blog you’re working on.

Why? It’s pretty simple.

First, you might get some support and encouragement from your friends and family. A bit of inspiration wouldn’t hurt.

Second, you might actually work a bit harder on your blog as it’s likely that your friends and family will be asking about your blog after some time. You wouldn’t want your conversation to be something like this:

Friend: “Oh hey! How’s this blog of yours doing? Earning you a decent amount of money yet?
You: “Oh hey. I actually haven’t worked that much on my blog lately as I was kinda busy.. haha.. 😅

You wouldn’t want to look like a total loser, right? Instead, you’d want it to be like this:

Friend: “Oh hey! How’s this blog of yours doing? Earning you a decent amount of money yet?
You: “Oh hey. My blog is actually growing quite well in terms of traffic right now as I’ve been working quite hard in the past few weeks. I might just be able to make money off it real soon. 👉😎👉”

Set goals, and stick with it.

Set challenging but realistic weekly goals.

Probably do something like one blog post a day, or maybe two or three if you’re really determined.

If you don’t meet your daily goals, penalize yourself a bit. Like watching Netflix? Only allow yourself to watch Netflix once you’ve already finished your goals. Like playing video games? Only allow yourself to play your favorite game once you’ve already finished your goals.

It might sound weird, but try actually writing down your daily goals on a notebook or journal.

In contrast to just writing down your notes digitally on your phone’s notes app or on a checklist app whereas you can simply just easily remove the daily task or just move it to the next day, you really can’t do that on a paper notebook.

I initially thought this sort of “productivity hack” sounded really stupid, but it actually works wonders! Adding a check✔️ on your tasks just looks and feels so satisfying that checking all the boxes of my daily tasks itself became a huge daily goal for me. On the other hand, having even just one unchecked box feels so annoying.

Seriously, go to your local bookstore, like right now, and buy a small dotted journal. For only a few dollars, you could significantly improve your productivity by a long shot.

Final Thoughts.

We could throw you literally every single motivational quote in existence, but it really wouldn’t matter if you won’t act upon it anyway.

But anyway, whatever. Here’s one.

Push yourself, because no one is going to do it for you.

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