Does eToro Accept PayPal Deposits?

For most people, they are more confident on depositing money through PayPal, rather than entering in their credit/debit card numbers on a lot of websites.

And not only that, PayPal is mostly more easy and convenient too!

But anyway..

Does eToro accept PayPal payments?

Yes! eToro does accept PayPal payments and deposits, making depositing money seamless and instant. This is a huge advantage if you found a trade or investment opportunity, and you want to get money into your account ASAP.

How to deposit money through PayPal

Well, of course, to be able to deposit money and start trading or investing, you’re going to need an eToro account. You can create an eToro account in just a few minutes here:

Disclaimer: 75% of retail CFD accounts lose money. Trade with caution.

Now, back to depositing some funds through PayPal.

  1. Click on the blue Deposit Funds button on the left sidebar.
    deposit sidebar
  2. Change the payment method to PayPal, enter the amount, then click on Submit.
    etoro Paypal deposit
  3. You will then be redirected to PayPal’s page. Choose your method of payment, click on Continue, then click on Pay Now.
    Paypal payment

Your deposit should then immediately be reflected onto your eToro account.

Can I withdraw my money through PayPal?

Yes! Fortunately, you can also withdraw your money through PayPal, with only a very small $5 fee. This makes getting money in and out of eToro really easy.

Final Thoughts

While eToro having PayPal features is great and all, take note that for eToro to accept your PayPal deposit, the name on your PayPal account should be the same name used in your eToro account. This is to prevent PayPal deposits from stolen PayPal accounts.

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