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Do Short Story Blogs Make Money?

Due to a lot of people being too lazy to read books or full novels, the short story niche definitely also has it’s own place, for people to be able to absorb great stories without dedicating too much time into it.

With that said, if you’re planning on starting a blog in this niche, you might ask questions such as: “Can I actually make money on a short story blog?

The Answer.

The short answer is, yes! You definitely can! Just as with any other blog niche, as long as you can attract readers one way or another, there’s always a way to monetize your audience.

The challenge.

With most niche blogs, they rely on search engine traffic to gain readers for their articles. For instance, when you have an article on how to plant pumpkin seeds, and when someone does a Google search on “how to plant pumpkin seeds”, you can hope that that person clicks on your article. This is how most traditional blogs gain traffic.

With a blog concerning stories, on the other hand, you’d have to rely on social media, and people that actually like reading your short stories to actually return to your blog from time to time to read some of your stories.

Hence, for this to really work successfully, you really need to have the talent in writing stories so you can actually have a good number of followers.

How do I promote my stories?

Be active on social media

And this includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media that has a decent amount of users. I mean, where else can most of your audience follow you anyway besides social media?

Though you don’t really need to post like a few times a day, make sure to post from time to time. When starting though, probably do twice a day, and once every 2 days at minimum when you already have a good amount of following. You really need to try hard when starting out.

Publish your stories on other websites

This is another way of gaining readers along with social media. You can use platforms like Reddit r/shortstories/ (or r/shortscarystories/ if you write horror), and Wattpad.

But how do I get people to my blog if I post my stories on these platforms?

Probably you

Here’s the strategy: You don’t post every single short story you make on these platforms. Instead, probably for every 5 short stories you write, post one of them on these platforms, and add a link to your blog and your social media accounts.

Remember those food testers we see in malls? Pretty much the same strategy. They give you a small amount of food or drinks of a new product for free, in the hopes of you liking it and buying their products sometime in the future. We’re applying the same strategy to your short story blog.

You give readers a taste of your stories, and if people liked the short stories you post on these platforms, chances are, they’re going to follow you on your blog and your social media accounts.

So, how can I monetize my short stories blog?

1. Patreon

Mostly seen being used by YouTubers, Patreon is a platform where you can offer your audience a monthly membership, in exchange for things like exclusive content, access to a social media or Discord group, things like monthly Q&As, and such.

For an idea on how to structure Patreon memberships, check out the Patreon pages of people you follow and grab some ideas on how you’re going to structure yours.

2. Sell a physical book!

While all of your content is going to be consumed by people digitally online, let’s be real here— nothing beats a physical book.

Some people simply prefer something that’s tangible, and something they can read without having many distractions like receiving notifications on your phone when reading online.

While shorts stories may be too short(well, duh), for a physical book, you can simply create a book with a compilation of a good number of your short stories!

Make sure to have somebody to design a great cover for your book, because who doesn’t like a book with a great cover design?

3. Sell a course

If you’re really that good and you think you got what it takes to teach people how to write short stories or stories in general, you can write a great course, and advertise the course somewhere on your blog for your readers to see.

Though most readers that will visit your blog are solely there to read and are not planning on doing any writing at all, it wouldn’t be far-fetched for other writers to stumble upon your blog too.

4. Ad networks

While putting in advertisements from ad networks like Google AdSense is definitely not the best way to monetize a site, it can still rack you up with a decent amount of money per month if your blog is getting a lot of traffic.

Just make sure to not add too much ads on your blog to the point that it ruins the experience of your readers, as they can definitely be really annoying when there’s too much.

Final Thoughts

If you’re still deciding on if you think you should create a blog for your short stories, if you think you’re capable of writing good shorts, seriously, just do it.

Knowing how cheap and easy it is to start a blog nowadays, you pretty much have little to nothing to lose. Regardless if your blog manages to not gain any traction at all, gaining the experience of running an online business itself is definitely worth the money.

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