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    Are Paid Blogging Courses Worth it? The Answer.

    If you’ve been interested in starting a niche blog recently for the sweet sweet passive income, you might have already come across these sorts of “premium blogging courses” that are being advertised everywhere. With that said, are paid blogging courses actually worth it? Or are they just simply a plain old scam? The Honest Answer. […] More

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    Is Wix Actually Good for Blogging?

    If you’re interested in creating your own blog, regardless if you just want a blog as a hobby, or if you want to hopefully earn passive income in the future, you’ve probably already come across Wix. With that said, is Wix a good platform for running a blog? The Answer. In our opinion, yes. Wix […] More

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    Is Blogging Hard? Or is it Easy?

    Frequently, if we’re interested in doing something new that has some sort of risk, these kinds of questions always pop out in our heads, just to evaluate the likeliness of us succeeding or failing. And obviously, these kinds of questions are going to be asked a lot more with less-known and more modern professions or […] More

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    The Cheapest Way of Starting a Blog

    Planning on starting your own blog? Whether you’re on a tight budget or not, we all want to cut costs and save a bit of money. Blogging itself has been getting a lot of attention in the past few years due to the potential passive income opportunities(because who doesn’t want to earn money while you’re […] More

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    Can’t decide on your Blog’s Domain Name?

    Ah, domain names. Domain names, especially good ones, are something that gets scarcer and scarcer as the days go by due to the number of people building their own sites, and the people who buy domains for future use. Regardless if it’s your first name or not in building a blog or website, you’ll immediately […] More

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    Is Blogging a Good Career Option?

    Having a good successful blog that earns you money passively is definitely very enticing. Because who doesn’t like earning money while you sleep, right? Such a way of earning money is something most people have always been dreaming of. Short answer: Yes, blogging can be a good career option. But that doesn’t mean you should […] More

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    How Much Do Bloggers Make Per Post?

    Do bloggers make a lot of money? Maybe you’re curious about how much bloggers earn from each blog post for you to decide if it’s worth starting your own blog or not. Because who doesn’t want passive income, right? Regardless if you’re planning on creating your own blog or if you’re just plain curious, let’s […] More

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    How Much do Fashion Bloggers Make?

    How Much money do fashion bloggers actually earn? If you’re looking for answers to this question, chances are, you’re either planning on starting your own fashion blog, or you’re just simply curious. Answering this question is tough, as the answer will depend on a good number of factors, including: The specific niche of the fashion […] More

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    Is blogging halal or haram?

    A quick topic for out Islamic friends around the globe. If you’re planning on starting and running your own blog, you might think: “is blogging halal?”. If so, let’s dive into it. First off, let’s take a short Wikipedia definition of “halal”: Halal, also spelled halaal is an Arabic word that translates to “permissible or […] More

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    How Long Does it Take to Make Money From Blogging?

    When building blogs or even businesses in general, sometimes we tend to be a bit too impatient. It’s quite an understandable feeling though, as who doesn’t want to make money immediately anyway? Unfortunately, blogs do take a good amount of time to grow and to receive traffic. Not only weeks, but 95% of the time, […] More

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    How Much Does it Cost to Start a Blog in 2020?

    Let me guess. If you’re interested in starting your own blog, chances are, you’ve already heard about how much passive income you can make through building a blog. Right? Anyway, regardless what your intentions are, let’s jump right in. Is it expensive to start a blog? As technology moves forward and as people are creating […] More

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    Do Bloggers Actually Make Money?

    Due to the possibility of your blog making money for you with you putting little to no effort, and due to the attractiveness of having a passive income source in general, blogging surely has been getting a lot of attention throughout the recent years. But regardless of how much people are rushing in into starting […] More

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