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Can Personal Blogs Actually Make Money?

Remember those Blogspot(that’s now called “Blogger”) blogs back in the day? Before we could actually make money through affiliate links and ad networks, personal blogging already existed. And while most of those already died out, some of the better ones are actually currently still alive and kicking.

Regardless, if you have a personal blog, whether old or new, and you’re wondering if you can monetize it, you’ve come to the right place.

The Answer.

Yes, you can definitely make money off your personal blog. Though of course, as with any other kind of blog, it’s going to really depend on how much traffic your personal blog is getting.

No matter how good your personal blog is, if it’s not gaining any traffic at all, chances are you’re not going to make any money off it, at least currently.

So, how do I make money off my personal blog?

It really depends. What do you write about? People with personal blogs write about different things, simply due to the fact that different people are interested in writing different things.

But just to give you an answer, let’s take things that most people write about as examples.

If a certain person owns a personal blog, there’s a good chance that he/she is going to write mostly about one of these five(5) things:

  1. Finance and investing
  2. Personal stuff
  3. Makeup and beauty products in general
  4. Certain hobbies(fishing, art, sports, etc)
  5. Fashion and streetwear

Let’s tackle on how to potentially monetize every single one of them.

1. Finance and Investing.

Probably one of the best niches to monetize due to the vast number of great affiliate/referral programs.

  • Stockbrokers – online broker platforms such as WeBull, M1 Finance, Schwab, etc, has their own affiliate programs that you can take advantage of.
  • Amazon – you could add Amazon affiliate links to some great books like The Intelligent Investor, One Up On Wall Street, The Richest Man In Babylon, and other books for your readers.
  • Google AdSense – while probably not the best way of monetizing a finance and investing blog, you can still monetize your personal blog through ad networks such as Google AdSense.

2. Personal Stuff.

Though this is probably the least best personal blog niche to monetize, it’s still really possible to make money off it.

  • Amazon – you could add Amazon affiliate links to personal self-help books.
  • Google AdSense – probably the most common monetization method of most personal blogs as it’s the easiest to start monetizing immediately.

3. Makeup and beauty products.

Photo by The Honest Company on Unsplash

One of the most common personal blog niches, especially for women(obviously).

  • Amazon – you could add affiliate links to the makeup and beauty products you use.
  • Promotions – if your blog is decently big enough to be noticed by certain brands, you could probably negotiate with them for a promotion or sponsorship.
  • Google AdSense – probably a decent option if you don’t like doing research on what products to add to your blog.

4. Certain hobbies(fishing, art, sports, etc).

Photo by tommy boudreau on Unsplash

One of the best niches to use Amazon’s affiliate program as a way to monetize, as hobbies mostly includes the need of certain products or items(fishing rod for fishing, paint and paintbrushes for art, etc).

  • Amazon – probably the best option. You could add affiliate links to whatever products and items your personal hobby uses.
  • Google AdSense – could also be good, but adding affiliate links from Amazon might be the better option.
  • Create your own merch – if your blog is getting a lot of attention, you can sell your own shirts and such.

5. Fashion and Streetwear.

One of the biggest growing industries in the past decade. Somewhat a cross between hobbies and beauty products, as fashion and streetwear also mostly revolves around physical products.

  • Amazon – you could add affiliate links to things like shoes of certain brands(Nike, Adidas, etc), clothing brands, and such.
  • Affiliate programs in general – a good number of sneaker online retail stores have their own affiliate programs that you can take advantage of. We have a list of great streetwear affiliate programs here.
  • Promote your own business – if you have one, you can promote your business, may it be a clothing line, streetwear accessories business, sneaker customization business, you name it.

Final Thoughts.

That’s pretty much it. If your personal blog is mostly about one of these five things, congratulations, hopefully you can take advantage of these information.

If your personal blog isn’t mostly about one of these five things though, don’t worry. It doesn’t automatically mean that you can’t monetize your blog. Heck, most if not all niches are monetize-able(probably besides the “illegal” niches)!

On the other hand, if you still don’t have a blog, come on now. You don’t want to miss out on the passive income opportunities. Starting your own blog is so easy and affordable nowadays that there’s no reason for you to not at least try.

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