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How to Become a Junior Member on Bitcointalk


Bitcointalk is the biggest and the oldest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency forum that we have right now, so old that Satoshi Nakamoto himself, Bitcoin’s anonymous creator, was actually Bitcointalk’s founder and was once actively participating in it.

source: Welcome to the new Bitcoin forum!

Along with that, Bitcointalk is also a forum that some people earn some money in. May it be through signature campaigns, bounty campaigns, or through various types of services; and mostly, the campaign managers requires their applicants to at least have a Junior Member rank.

Now, how does one user become a Junior Member?

Fortunately and unfortunately, besides having 30 activity points, becoming a Junior Member on Bitcointalk now requires the user to earn 1 merit to be able to rank up, which can be difficult for some people. While the new merit requirements can leave some people at a disadvantage, it’s definitely not a bad thing. Because of the new merit system, the spam on Bitcointalk has decreased A LOT.

But to be completely honest, earning one(1) single merit shouldn’t really be that hard at all if you actually have decent knowledge regarding Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. I mean, if you lack the knowledge, why are you trying to earn money already? It’d be really beneficial for both you and the forum if you first read and educate yourself concerning Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies before actually joining these campaigns.

If you want to educate yourself first before joining these campaigns, CoinDesk has compiled a good number of articles for the beginners to read. Check them out here:

But anyway..

How do I earn 1 merit for Junior Member?

  1. Help people: Someone’s asking for wallet suggestions? Make your suggestion! Someone’s asking what exchange to use when buying a specific cryptocurrency? Make your suggestion! If you make good, educated, and honest suggestions, chances are, someone will give you merits.
  2. Be original: A lot of low ranked members that are trying to be useful are just repeating and rephrasing what someone already said. You know, just changing a few words here and there to make their post different than the one they’re copying. No, definitely don’t do that. Always give your own original opinion.
  3. Fix your grammar!: While being grammatically correct helps a lot, you don’t even need to have perfect English. Your English grammar should just be correct enough that people actually understand what you’re trying to say. The last thing people want to read is random gibberish.
  4. Stop spamming: The last thing a high ranked member would want is to allow a Newbie spammer to actually rank up to Jr member to be able to spam some more. Only post when necessary, and not to increase your post count and activity points.
  5. Do your research!: If you take a look at the users on Bitcointalk that actually receives A LOT of merits, all of them have one thing in common— while not necessarily experts, all of them has a good amount of knowledge concerning Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, investing, or finance in general. You won’t see a single uneducated user on Bitcointalk with a lot of merits.

Final thoughts

While you can definitely earn a decent amount of money on Bitcointalk especially if you live in a poor 3rd world country like Venezuela and Zimbabwe, don’t solely rely on Bitcointalk forever. Remember, while Bitcointalk has existed for more than a decade now, you wouldn’t want to be left with zero income if the day comes that Bitcointalk shuts down.

Instead, just look at your Bitcointalk earnings as a side-income. For your main income, it’s always better to rely on a long-term source of income like a job or a business.

Did you know?

Currently as we speak, the highest paying signature campaign on Bitcointalk is the famous ChipMixer campaign; whereas the members of the campaign earns a good 0.0375 bitcoins a week! Which is around 0.15 bitcoins a month. Think about it, if you’re a member of that campaign, you can achieve earning one full bitcoin in only more than 6 and a half months.

Also, at the December 2017 peak of bitcoin’s price at around $19,800, the ChipMixer campaign members are earning $742.5 a week! That’s pretty good money for just posting on a forum.

Don’t get too excited though. While everyone can attempt to join the campaign, the ChipMixer campaign requires you to be at least a Senior Member to actually join; and not only that, they require their members to be really really reputable and knowledgeable users in the forum; and obviously, it’s going to be really really difficult to join. It just shows how studying and doing your own research can help you greatly in the long term.

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