Are SEO Keywords Case Sensitive?

Quick Answer: No. Keywords are not case sensitive.

With that said, while SEO keywords are not case sensitive, it’s really recommended to capitalize all the words on your topic title(except article words like a, an, in, as, and, at, for, etc) as capitalized first letters on a title makes the title more enticing, and make sure your blog’s content has correct letter capitalization. Just as how you would capitalize letters on a normal paragraph or sentence.

Quick Examples

  1. User’s guide to Acer laptops” will rank the same as “User’s Guide to Acer Laptops“.
  2. Best jazz songs for weddings” will rank the same as “Best Jazz Songs for Weddings“.

In the end, your SEO rankings will depend a lot more on your content and your blog’s backlink profile anyway, and your title’s punctuation will only have little to no effect.

Marc Justin

Written by Marc Justin

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