Best Affiliate Programs for Twitch Streamers

Streaming is all the trend since the past few years due to the still increasing number of gamers on the daily, especially today whereas you can be a “gamer” just by having a decent smartphone.

And also, it’s safe to assume that being a video game streamer is the dream job of most people. I mean, being paid a lot of money for playing video games? Sign me up! It’s pretty much the dream of every single gamer when they were teenagers!

With that said, if you’re a streamer or you’re planning on streaming, here are some great affiliate/referral programs you can use.

P.S. These affiliate programs can also obviously be used by streamers on other platforms(Mixer, Facebook, YouTube, DLive, UStream, Periscope, etc), and can also be used by bloggers in the gaming niche.

1. RazerStore Affiliate Program

I mean, who doesn’t like Razer products? Though they can definitely be pricey, they produce great products that will do well with heavy gaming. Though it will definitely be harder to sell laptops through affiliate links, you can add affiliate links to their gaming mice and gaming keyboards instead.

RazerStore Affiliate Program:

2. Caviar

What? A food delivery service affiliate program for a streamer?

It might sound stupid on the surface, but if you think of it, it actually kinda makes sense.

Some people who love to watch video game streamers all day, or even gamers in general, might get lazy from time to time to prepare their own food; especially the ones that live alone. Instead, they might be interested in having food delivered to them instead.

Makes sense, right? Told you so! Think outside of the box!

Caviar Affiliate Program:

3. SteelSeries Affiliate Program

While Razer might be the current king of gaming peripherals, adding affiliate links to SteelSeries gaming peripherals might also be great as their gaming peripherals are mostly more affordable than Razer’s.

SteelSeries Affiliate Program:

4. HyperX Influencer Program

Famously being promoted by streamers and personalities like Pokimane, Lirik, De’Aaron Fox, Daigo “The Beast” Umehara, and even the Boston Celtics player Gordon Hayward, HyperX is another gaming peripherals store more famously known for their gaming headsets.

HyperX Influencer Program:

5. WTFast Affiliates

Depending on what country you’re in and what internet service provider or ISP you’re using, lag can definitely be an issue. Services like WTFast might be able to help your readers in some cases.

WTFast Affiliates:

6. GameLeap Partnership

Available for DOTA2, League of Legends(LoL), Fortnite, and Overwatch, GameLeap is a platform where people can take gaming courses to potentially improve their gameplay, directly from the pro players themselves.

This affiliate program might help your viewers that are new to a certain game, or is currently a poor performing player overall.

Unfortunately, GameLeap currently doesn’t have an official affiliate program on their website, so you’d need to manually email them: [email protected]

7. Nitrogen Sports Affiliate Program

Potentially the most profitable affiliate program of the bunch.

With the gaming industry going up, so is gaming tournaments. DOTA’s 2019 tournament, The International 2019 itself, has a whopping total tournament prize pool of $34.3 million.

And that’s just one game! Add in CS:GO, Fortnite, and League of Legend’s tournaments, the potential number of watchers and people interested in these tournaments in general is huge.

Hence, with the huge numbers of people watching gaming tournaments, there will also be a lot of people wanting to bet on these games. Here’s where Sports and eSports betting platforms like NitrogenSports comes in.

Nitrogen Sports Affiliate Program:

8. Design by Humans Affiliate/Ambassador Program

Design by Humans is a platform where you can buy shirts and merchandise with different great designs of not only streamers but artists in general.

If a certain streamer is selling merch, chances are, that certain streamer is selling them through Design by Humans.

Also, if you get big enough as a streamer in the future, you could potentially have your own Design by Humans merch store too!

Design by Humans Affiliate Program:
Design by Humans Ambassador Program:

9. G2A Marketing

Unfortunately, since Steam is such a huge platform already that they don’t even need the extra advertising from bloggers and influencers.

Fortunately, platforms such as G2A exist where people can buy and sell game CD-Keys, in-game points and currencies, gift cards, and even electronics.

G2A Marketing: Affiliate Program is a platform where people can buy, sell, and trade items and skins for games like DOTA2, CS:GO, Rust, Team Fortress 2, PAYDAY 2, and Z1 Battle Royale.

While the trading niche of games like CS:GO has dropped in interest due to Steam’s Trading and Markets Restrictions, it’s pretty evident that item markets platforms like still are in very high demand. Affiliate Program:

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