Midas turning his daughter to gold

What the heck is a “Midas”?

I’m too lazy to explain this myself, so let’s just consult Google, because why not? Everyone relies on Google for their homework anyway, why should I be any different?

So what, or in this case, who, is Midas?

a legendary Phrygian king who is given the power of turning everything he touches to gold


Hah. Sounds sick, ain’t it? Apparently, Midas accidentally turned his daughter to gold, pretty much killing her. Let’s not get to that part though, we don’t need that kind of negativity in our lives. Anyway..

The Goal.

To hopefully get you out of your boring 9-5 office desk job. Yes, I know how much it sucks most of the time. Our goal here is to help you build passive income. So once we all have enough passive income sources to makes us earn good money for you to be able to leave your jobs, we can all be lazy, get morbidly obese, and be alcoholics together!

*kidding. get your lazy ass to the gym*